Network Finder Features

Market Intelligence

Understand the network industry landscape, including network profiles for ILECs, CLECs, Utilities, Municipalities. See what products they offer and where they connect.

Location Intelligence

Find out who is connected where. LEC, cable, competitive fiber. Location intelligence in Network Sonar can enrich and analyze location data for enhanced business insight, specific for the world of fiber optics.

Powerful Search

Simple, intuitive and fast. Address or network based lookups. Get answers to help you navigate the market. Who has what where.

Actionable Insights

Data matters and every industry has their own unique insights that help understand who to partner with and who not to.

Sales Acceleration

Help your clients get answers they need on who connects the locations that matter to them. Find the right partners to execute.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Don’t see the answer, ask, complete access to trained network industry veterans to help you navigate design, partner and pricing decisions.

Discover Connected2Fiber’s Network Finder

Connected2Fiber is the leading sales and marketing intelligence platform for the connectivity industry. Enabling a marketplace to improve transparency, speed and effectiveness. Network Finder is designed for partners, top sales professionals and network buyers.

  • Easy to search

    Single line, enter and you get fast, accurate results. Coverage, company information, products and interconnects on demand.

  • Network Industry Transparency

    See the market from both a company perspective and a location perspective. Access neutral intelligence to help see over 2,500 network operators and understand where they operate.

  • 24/7 Help Desk

    Get feedback on carriers. Ask who to call? Ask what protocol would be best? Where to interconnect two networks? You need answers, we have them.


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